Truman's Ridge: Bluegrass Music - Chicago Style!

Single vocal microphone, well dressed, fast paced, with all the excitement of the early days of Bluegrass. A bit of Folk, a hint of Jazz , and a touch of Swing: Chicago Style Bluegrass at its finest!

Truman's Ridge is a regional band, playing festivals and venues in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri. 

Organized in 2008, the band consists of five members: Steve Sarver (guitar), Chris Johnson (upright bass), Charley Smart (dobro), Max Winkels (banjo) and Russ Ginn (mandolin). Truman's Ridge is known for its classic style, high energy, and tight harmonies and instrumentation.

Their harmonies are varied, at times reminiscent of the early brother bands, and at other times showing a strong rural-gospel influence in the two, three, and four part vocals. The lead vocals are always strong. Instrumentally the band continues to show the influence of Midwestern string band and Chicago jazz and blues on its interpretation of traditional bluegrass arrangements. The rock-solid beat of the guitar and bass compliment the driving rhythm of the banjo and the compelling mandolin lead breaks. Fiddle and harmonica are also featured on some songs.

Truman's Ridge has released four CD's: Tru-Blue, Long Way Home, Cold Cold Feeling and most recently Louisiana Swing. Their songs are played on the radio and internet throughout the United States and in Europe. Our CD's can be purchased through our website or on Itunes, Amazon.com and other online retailers.


Truman's Ridge serves up a lightning-fast set of traditional bluegrass and gospel numbers
The entire experience was marvelous
a WONDERFUL evening of worship, fellowship, and truly phenomenal music
unique sound ......real crowd pleasers
One of the best bands of the day!
You all ROCK! (in a bluegrass fashion)
Truman's Ridge is a true crowd pleaser with their solid bluegrass style and harmonies! Each song keeps you wanting more, and they deliver!
Truman's Ridge is the real deal! Their sound is soulful, authentic bluegrass with a perfect mix of vocals and instruments in harmony.
It's a pleasure to work with the group; nice guys and very professional. I would recommend Truman's Ridge without hesitation.

Truman's Ridge Features

Steven Sarver

guitar and lead vocals

Chris Johnson

upright bass

Charley Smart


Max Winkels


Russ Ginn


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